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Hulk Systems Evolved Waterproofing

Whatever your building material, geographic location, environment, or application, Hulk Systems can provide a customized,

high-performance waterproofing solution. 

What is Composite Waterproofing?

Composites are a combination of 2 separate materials that have different chemical and physical properties.

The resulting combination is a new, enhanced material which is engineered to be superior at performing its desired functions than either of the standalone individual products ever were. These functions can include becoming stronger, lighter, more rigid or resistant to stimuli like heat, impact, water and electrical current. In the case of waterproofing, an installer combines a high-performance textile fabric, with a compatible liquid coating to create an ultra durable, seamless sheathing that can withstand far more abusive conditions than any other material available on the market. Composite waterproofing has been relegated to protecting high-value energy sector assets where it remains the premiere solution for protection. Now, Hulk Systems is introducing these evolved materials to general construction and foundation waterproofing.

Why Hulk?​

     - UV Stable

     - Superior Adhesion & Abrasion Resistance

     - Environmentally Stable with No Emissions

     - Water Cleanup

     - Simple Installation

Hulk Systems ICF Waterproofing System


Fully protect your ICF with a single seamless system in 3 easy steps rather than requiring layer upon layer of primers, membranes, peel n’ stick, drainage wrap, and protective board products.

From the footing up, the monolithic Hulk ICF Block System leaves no seams or joints where water can get behind the system.

Simply spray or roll the appropriate thickness of Hulk WP on your clean ICF block, inlay Hulk SRT fiberglass textile, & spray another layer of Hulk WP over the textile. 

Not sold yet? Contact us to check out Hulk products in person and give the Hulk ICF system the hammer test. You won't be disappointed! Shipping of ICF system samples is also available. 

Hulk Systems Concrete Waterproofing


Hulk waterproofing is fast and easy to install, and zero splash-back means you won’t be wearing it at the end of the day. Plus, it’s 100% water cleanup for your hands and equipment so you can leave the harsh solvents at home.

There are several ways to use Hulk Systems waterproofing on concrete. There are also simple ways to add aggregate to create a desired finished texture. You end up with a monolithic, incredibly durable coating and a happy customer. 

Hulk coatings also don't deteriorate under UV exposure, crack, or come off during backfilling.

Hulk Systems Evironmentally Friendly Water Cleanup Evolved Waterproofing Composite Waterproofing


Hulk Systems provides solutions for SIPS, wood shoring,

wall coatings, floor coatings, & more. Contact Hulk Systems

or Iconik ICF today - we'd love to chat about your project!



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Hulk Systems provides profitable opportunities for dealers, contractors, installers, and retailers.

Have questions? We're here to help.

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