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MST-BAR Fiberglass Rebar

Contact us to check our inventory. We do stock a limited amount of 4EQ MST-BAR, but all sizes and quantities can be special ordered.

MST-BAR Fiberglass Rebar Maximum Strength GFRP Rebar

MST-BAR is a Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Rebar. It is the only GFRP Rebar that is an Integrally Ribbed Maximum Strength Rebar and the only GFRP Rebar that bonds to concrete better than steel. 

MST-BAR is 4x lighter than steel rebar, 3x stronger than steel rebar, does not conduct heat, cold or electricity, substantially reduces workplace injuries, takes half the time to install with half the amount of people, requires no maintenance or repairs and lasts longer than the concrete it is reinforcing.

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